March 14, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, March 14, 2009

The first yard sale I visited this morning was just 14 houses down the road; talk about convenient .... and they had these two wonderful guitars. Although they are child size, they are intact ... strings and all and the sound quite good. They were marked $8.00 each, but the woman agreed to take $10.00 for both. THANK YOU. I'm quite excited (if you can't tell). I currently have three art guitars on my wall and would love to have a few more.

Visited 5 sales and have some great finds .... besides the guitars.

  • 2 picture stands. I'm thinking I'll use these in my tent display.
  • 10 Stencils. These are a great addition to my current supply. I'd looked a couple times at Hobby Lobby for some new stencils, but there are hardly any. Apparently these are no longer a popular item.
  • 2 rubber stamps, golf related.
  • 4 Scarves ... (as if I need any more, but jsut can't help myself)
  • 6 pieces of scrap fabric. I like the colors and think they will make a great backdrop for wrist cuffs.
  • A bag with a big variety of wood cutouts. Thought these might be handy as a base for brooches, and, perhaps, painted, turned into beads and sewed onto wrist cuffs. (sure hope folks like these wrist cuffs; they are fun to create and I'm collecting some great stuff for them).
  • 1 roll of black thread (last but not least).

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