September 06, 2009

My Day at the Slidell Art Market was A Bust

I decided I wanted to do a few more shows, but, with the starting of LSU football, have to coordinate it around the Schedule ... i.e., the 12th and the 19th are out for this month. The Slidell Art League have a market in Slidell the first Saturday of each month and that seemed a good fit.

So, got ahold of them on Tuesday for all the info, sent them my $50. on Thursday and confirmed my space at 4pm on Friday. I spent part of Friday afternoon checking everything and getting organized and we loaded up the Explorer for the next morning.

We'd been told to be there for 8am for the actual space assignment. We knew, as soon as we arrived, that something was wrong. There were no artists, tents, street markers, barricades .... nothing. We asked around at the Camellia Farmers Market (right next door), and they really didn't have much good to say ... sometimes there are a good number of art tents, sometimes just a couple and they seem to show up whenever the feel like it. We stayed until 8:30, the official start time of the market and when there was still no one showing, we went home.

Upon arrival home, had a phone message on the landline indicating the market was cancelled as not that many artists had shown up and it might rain. Talk about fustrated ... perhaps better described as downright irritated. If they were going to cancel they should have said so Friday.

Now, I'll have to mess with them to get my $50. back. And, will definite mark the Slidell Art Market off my list of shows ...

(((( Checked for yard sales on the way home .... didn't see any signs ... how about that !! ))

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