September 02, 2009

With Solder Gun in Hand

I've been wanting to learn to solder for some time. I want to try my hand at making little glass collage pendants for my charm bracelets and, since I have tons of found objects, would like to create some jewelry pieces with them. My friend Rue gave me a short lesson and some tips on equipment last week, and yesterday, my supplies order arrived from Delphi. ( Had to fight off temptation to play with it last night, but Lilly was here and she's always more important ).

Set it all up this afternoon and gave it a shot. Had some initial problems figuring out just to to get the solder to melt and flow ... trail and error, and then, managed to complete these 4 pieces. Now, I realize they are nothing special ... BUT, I did manage to get the solder in place and have jump rings on two of them. I call that progress.

I plan on practicing a bit each day and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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