September 07, 2009

A Play Day & A Variety of Pendants

Although it's a holiday, Beau still went to the Nature Center and I decided that I was going to spend the day just playing with my stuff ... versus housework or any of the other stuff that in need of doing.

Using 5 different sheets of my painted pages, and some more of the number wood tiles (just below 3/4" sqare), created a whole bunch of little pendants. I made a couple deviations from the set I created last week.
  • Cut the paper down to appropriate size and glued to top using Elmers Glue.
  • Painted on 2 coats of polyacrylic instead of the clear spray paint.
I like the Polyacrylic better. It gives a much better shine and acts as a secondary sealer to the paper.

I continue, each day, practicing soldering the glass pendants. And, if I don't say so myself, they are getting better. Today I branched out and cut some pieces of clear glass, put some of my papers between them and soldered. They are a bit thicker than I think I like ... I'll look for some picture frames at yard sale this weekend; they will have a thinner glass. Tomorrow I'm going to get out the dremel and a sanding barrell and smooth them up ... then re-evaluate.

It was a nice day. We ordered some Pizza for dinner and drank White Russian Daquiris in the hot tub ....

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