October 25, 2009

Two Sets of Morraccas

Heck, it's not like I don't already have about 4 different projects in progress ... but since :
  1. these two sets of Morraccas have been hanging around for quite awhile, and
  2. they require paint, and
  3. I have paint bottles spread all over my room ..
Might as well work on these as well. 

Both sets were picked up at different Yard Sales somewhere in the past (not worth researching), and were tucked away in a cabinet.  I'd forgotten about them, but went looking for a couple tamborines that I know are around here somewhere, and found these instead. 

The small set are mini's; about 6" long.   They were obviously used by a small child as a teether; the teeth marks are apparent.   The larger set is 13".   Both are nice, sturdy wood.   I fetched a piece of sandpaper out of the shed and sanded them down.   I'll work on these with the other items and report back !!!

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