November 01, 2009

Fleur-di-Fish, Art Guitar in Red

I finished this guitar yesterday afternoon and attached a D-Hook to the back for hanging this morning.    Let's see ..
  • Re-attached the hardware.
  • Bought a new set of unmatched strings (couldn't find where I put the old strings; guess I must have thrown them out, which isn't like me at all).
  • Strung some beads randomly on the strings.   
  • Attached two 'found object' fish and some beads to the bottom of the strings.
  • Beads, buttons strung and weaved around among the upper section (can't remember the official name of this area).  
  • There's also some odds & ends added here and there ... some gold washers, a Fleur-de-Leis, round belt components, etc.  

Officially finished.   I'm not planning on putting this in my shop.   I like these guitars as wall art in my studio. 

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