October 25, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, 10/24/09

Amazingly enough, I really wasn't in the mood this morning.   I'm getting to the stage where I have so much 'stuff' that I can't imagine ever getting it all used.   But, I needed to take Beau to the trailhead (so he could do a long run home) and I needed to go to the Gym, so I did, of course, follow the three garage sell signs between the two, as well as two more between the gym and home. 

Find ....
  • Two small bottles of fabric paint
  • 4 bracelets with a variety of either interesting beads or charms
  • 1 magnetic necklace
  • 1 chain belt
  • 2 link belts on stretch elastic (thought I'd take them apart and attach the links seperately to other things)
  • 1 pair of earrings with wood beads and guitar picks (think these belong on one of my guitars in progress)
  • A piece of lace and a piece of faux fur
  • A couple little onyx creature (I'm not sure why)
  • And 1 barret, which is new on the card and I'll probably wear.

I've been having little talks with myself on how I'd like to move away from the jewelry findings.   I consider the beaded items I create more accessories than jewelry, but I'd really like to move back towards the art.  But, I just keep seeing things that would work so well and for a quarter ... well heck.    So, I assume this become something I'm going to have to reconcile.   At least, they don't take up much room from the storage standpoint !

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