January 10, 2010

Stella got a tutu for Christmas

I had decided to make tutu's for the favorite little girls in my life .... Stella (who lives in NY) and my granddaughter, Lilly.        I knew Stella would like hers as 5 is such an imaginable play age,  and I expected Lilly to love hers, based on the many tutu makers out there in Etsyland.   (Apparently those are sold based on mama's wanting to take pictures)

Well, Stella loves her tutu.   As for Lilly, ho-hum, who cares.   She let me put it on her, refused to pose and, within 10 minutes, started trying to figure out how to get it off.   I took it off of her and put it away ... we'll give it another try in a few months.   

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