January 21, 2010

Valentines Trading Event // Trading Post Guild

I'm a member of the Trading Post Guild, over at Artfire.   This is, just what it sounds like, a guild of folks who get together to trade.    Now, I'm not usually into individual promotion on my blog, but I just have to share this .... (here's the entire thread, if you are really short on things to read today).

But, here the lowdown .....
I traded a variety of items from my CTStudios & TodaysTreasure shops and in exchange, received all of these great items ....

From FFM Supplies   :
My sister collect Elephants and FFM had this vintage Avon set.   I'm sure the earrings, I'll leave as-is, but I'm going to recreate the pendant for her into a full-scale necklace.    The glass blocks ... well, they called me.

From Zenbreeze
This most incredible pendant polymer clay art pendant and a seperate ACEO print.

From Christies-Cubby:
A most wonderful eqyptian inspired necklace and anklet.   Now, I might have to put my ankles on a severe diet to get this guy to fit (I come from the big-ankle family), but its so incredible, if worse comes to worse, I'll just set it on my desktop and admire it daily ... like a fine piece of art.


From  Nancy's Gift Gallery
I agreed to trade one of my purses for this delightful necklace.    BUT, had a small crisis.   When I went to pull the purse to get it ready for shipping, I couldn't find it ... ANYWHERE.   I looked and looked, even it places I knew it would never be.  (I generally do a very good job of keeping items that are for sale organized and in there proper places).    I finally came to the conclusion that it must have been stolen (I hate the word) at one of the craft sales I did late last year.    (I'm going to have to come up with a system to check everything coming back in after an event).   BUT, I went back and looked at this necklace several times, I the truth was, I really liked this piece and didn't want to cancel out the trade.    So, I traded cash instead, and bought it.   

From The JoyfulGem:
A Bead set ... the central bead is so nicely wirewrapped ... a skill I do not have, nor intend to gain, with four accompanying beads.     I think I'm going to set these aside and it will become for focus piece for an upcoming gift. 

These events are such fun.   First there is the fun and decision making of the trade itself, then followed up with the arrival of all the little packages.       I imagine there will be another event in a couple months, and, they can  COUNT ME THERE.  

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