March 09, 2010

Apparently, I'm in the pattern business

It started innocently enough.    I decided I'd collected too much of some items and opened up my TodaysTreasure shop on Artfire.  The plan was, here, and sell those items that I'd collected too much of, or no longer wanted because my interests had moved in other directions. 

 I suppose the pattern business started with the initial find, back in October, 2008.   Then, last summer, a similar experience where I purchased 5 huge boxes for $40. as there appeared to be a good variety of vintage purse patterns.   One by one, the majority of these patterns ended up in my shop.

Selling patterns online is quite time consuming.   First, you have to check to make sure the pattern is complete, photograph it, process the photos and then list it in the shop.   Then, figure out how to store them in a safe and numeric order.   After that, you wait for an order.   Then, you package it, print the postage and haul it down the driveway for Bob, the mailman, to take away.   

At first, I was planning on using the profits to finance my own art/craft supply interests ... funding the next yard sales, those items I might need at Hobby Lobby, etc.   Then, started thinking that I wanted to do something bigger with the dollars.    After alot of thought, I decided on a Smart 529 Education plan for Lilly.    Now, as each pattern gets handed over to Bob, I think, "Okay, perhaps that will buy a couple pages of a college book for Lilly", or, "perhaps that will buy Lilly some lunch as she rushes between classes", or "Another 100 patterns and we'll have tuition for a class (which will hopefully grow into multiple classes if the Fund grows well). 

The whole idea pleases me.    I'm in the pattern business for Lilly.

Last Saturday, at the Hosanna yard sale I picked up about another 300 patterns ... I'll start processing them later this week.

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