May 10, 2010

12 Silly Pidillies for Lilly

The last couple days I started putting together a set of 12 faces, which are resulting from the Dippity Doo Workshop (awaiting arrival of lesson 4).     I thought I'd like to do some kind of finished project to commemorate taking the Workshop and continuation of a more fabric creative line of thinking.    So, what better than a set of 12 faces, which I've taken to calling Padillies, which will eventually become a wall hanging for my beloved granddaughter, Lillian.  (Gosh, that word eventually sounds daunting ... let's change it to 'next month' .... much better ... )

So here they are ... 12 sandwiches created and adorned with faces.    Beau and I are taking a short road trip to see the Space Shuttle lift-off later in the week and the stitching on these will be a good car project.     I'll show you my progress next week. 


jane p said...

What a nice idea for a project! How did you manage to come up with so many different combo?!

Lana Gramlich said...

LOVE the padlilies! Have a great trip!

CTStudios said...

Jane, for the colors, I simply choose 14 decent sized scraps and I'll stick within these colors, at least for the padillies themselves. Make them like a family, interrelated features.

Thanks Lana