June 11, 2010

I Seem to Have a Serious Procrastination Problem

I've been trying to transfers one or two project posts from my old Bellsouth Personal Page Calender each day in to my Blogger Archives.    This is like a stroll down memory lane.     Or, perhaps, I should call it a stroll down Procrastination lane.

Case at hand, I just finished adding a project that I completed in September 2002, which I referred to as Spring Garden Stool

As I was transferring the text and pictures, I was thinking about how this piece of functional art was still sitting in its box in the attic.   I obviously haven't touched or thought about in since late September 2002.

There was that time between 2001 and up to Hurricane Katrina, August 2005 that I was totally absorbed with experimenting and creating with mosaic and concrete.   I constantly had multiple projects going on simultaneously.  When I finished one, it typically either went to the yard if it was designed as yard art, on my walls if I created for myself, or was packed into a box where it went into either a closet or the attic.    Although I have listed a couple piece of mosaic work in my Artfire Shop, for the most part, it is still all tucked away in closets and the attic.

Seriously, I'm going to try and start pulling these pieces out and make decisions this year.    At least, I hope I will.

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Lana Gramlich said...

I sometimes have procrastination problems, but they're worse in the sense that I definitely work on only ONE thing at a time. In that sense, when I'm procrastinating, NOTHING's getting done. I'm trying to be more disciplined about it & have had some success. I find that when I procrastinate, it's more about looking & thinking about the piece & what might need to be changed.